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Top 7 Free Apps For Students | Best Apps for 2019

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Top 7 Free Apps For Students | Best Apps for 2019
7 Best Apps For Students
Top 7 Free Apps For Students | Best Apps for 2019 [Must Try]
Hii Guys, Today student life is much easier as there are hundreds of apps for students that help you cope with everyday tasks. Thus, when using them, students can focus more on their studies. Here we find 7 best apps for studentswhich will help you cut through the clutter and help you to reduce exam stress and also from these apps you can achieve more marks in your exams. This list includes Android and Apple iOS apps and most important thing is these apps are FREE and all apps are present in Google Playstore                                                                                                                 
Here Are 7 Best Apps For Students 2019:


Alarmy is the best app which helps you to wakeup in morning on time means if you set an alarm on this app then at morning you can't easily snooze the alarm because you have to complete some logical tasks. Alarmy is not any local alarm app but this is a special app for students also this app contain a tag line "Sleep If You Can" means this app wake up you on time thereby makes you punctual and regular student. So download this app quickly


Meritnation is most popular learning app from this App you will get all study materials from class 6th to 12th and also from this App you will get all Ncert questions with answeres, Revision papers, Previous year papers, etc. From Meritnation app you can get solution of your questions from experts and also you will get solutions of popular books like Rd Sharma, RS Agarwal etc, also from this App you will get all engineering and medical entrance study materials. This app will help you to improve your study very fast.


As we know sometimes when we are solving any question but the answer is coming wrong then it is going to be very difficult to find the step where your are doing wrong so for this new application has been introduced namely Socratic. From this App you can see full step by step answer of question by just scanning the question on this application also you scan many subjects questions like science, Maths, Economics etc. Socratic app will help you to solve questions without mistakes.


It is an amazing application especially for those who want to achieve their long term or shot term goals. The loop - habit tracker app will help you to create good habits, Maintain good habits and will help you to remove your bad habits. From this App you will see a detailed graph and statics of your habits. Application interface is user friendly this app will show your habit improvement status and also if you repeat your good habit everyday then it will show you good result but if not then it will show you weak result. Loop - habit tracker app will help you in exam seasons to remove your bad habits and to improve your good habits

5. BRAINLY - homework help and solverAs we know sharing knowledge to others help us to improve over more knowledge. On this basis of this Brainly application is introduced. Every person has some knowledge so think if he share his knowledge to others then think how much over studies will be effective. In Brainly you can post your question and get answer, you can give answer to questions, you can find Maths, chemistry, physics, biology, etc related topics and also you can do research on these topics. Brainly app will help you to improve your knowledge So download it fast


Office lens is an amazing application launched by Microsoft. From now you don't need to make different types of notes or something because from Microsoft office lens you can easily capture the photo of text in any form and you can convert it to PDF, PPT etc from this App 


As we know in every day life smartphone is becoming life partner for everyone and everyone smartphone users spends up-to 3 - 4Hrs on smartphone which leads to effect your eyes because of Blue color light so to prevent this a new application is introduced namely Blue colour filter app. It actually filter the blue color light to natural color or night mode which doesn't effect on over eyes. Blue Colour filter app should be installed in every phone

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