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Want to keep a good upbringing of the child?

Career to care for the smallest of children is such a big job. When you care properly of the child, its health will also be good. What is the health of the child, it is determined from its birth to 28 days.

Want to keep a good upbringing of the child?

Doctors who are not healthy are kept in the nursery. Then the children's body is very soft and delicate so they also need a lot of care. So if you are a new parent, then we tell you some tips about child care.
The small child should pay a lot of attention to the massage, so that his bones are very strong. If you have to massage the baby then you can use almond oil. But start the baby massage when the child is 10 days old.

Then the mother's milk is very important for the child and is full of nutrition.This protects the child from the coming diseases. That is why it is important for the child to feed mother's milk.

Then make sure to take the child in the right sun for some time only. This is called phototherapy. When the child is taken into the sun cover it with clothes, it also strengthens the bones of the child.

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