9 Ways to Live a Simple Life and be Happy

Living simply and living happily - what's the connection between the two? The first is really necessary If you want to live happily, live simply This complex world has a crazily fast speed They become unhappy because they are happy The first step to regain what was lost? Live simply Here are nine ways to live9 Ways to Live a Simple Life and be Happy

1. Remove the clutter in your life
Your life may be cluttered with what's unnecessary, so to live simply and be happy, let go. Let go of people Who among the people are allowed in your life are actually making you unhappy and are constantly bringing you down? Spot the toxic people in your life and let them go You do not need a lot of people in your life; You just need to get on the bus

In addition, also let go of the people who are truly passers-by in your life. Sometimes, there are people who you think are kept, but they just will not stay Do not take it against yourself Accept the fact Treasure the memories you had together, and be appreciative of what you learned from them Then, let go.

Let go of grudges Yes, there were people who have hurt you, and worse, there are others who do not even apologize for what they have done. It's enough It is too much if you let the pain linger, and if you will spend your time thinking of ways even. Do not let them Let go

Let go of the past It can be a missed opportunity or a lost love. However, remember that The only thing you can do is to let go and move forward. Keep all the lessons, but let go

Letting go can help you unselfish chains that make it heavy.

2. Live your life based on your standards, not the expectations of other people.
So you bought your new car Did you make that purchase because you need or want to have a car? For example, you have a high paying job, so people expect you to have a fancy car and own properties. But, what if you actually do not want those things? Why do you let others dictate what you want? Other people will always have something to say, so it is pointless to satisfy them Focus on your self instead

3. Appreciate the simple things.
When the last time you looked at the trees and appreciated the shade they gave you, not to mention the oxygen they provide for free? When was the last time you felt the coldness? All those are free. Appreciate them.

4. Take time to be silent
It is in the moments of silence that you can listen to yourself If you stay clear with your goals and needs,

5. Live simply by avoiding comparisons
One Probable reason why you can not live For example, you are also interested in it. You see other people always eating in pricey restaurants, so you did the same even when you actually want home-cooked meals. Avoid that trap by clarifying the things you really want If you have them, learn how to be satisfied Avoid comparing yourself

6. Limit the time you spend browsing the internet and social media.
In this way, the social media world will not be able to dictate what you have to do and the internet will not be able to dictate what you should do. Sometimes, you might feel over the rest of the world. As a result, you get unsatisfied with your life, and you can not live simply. Stay connected and updated using the internet and your social media accounts, but do not let them steal you from the real world.

7. Say no to unnecessary spending
So you go to the mall or an online shopping platform and it looks like you see You buy new shoes, new clothes, new cabinet, new mattress, and others that are new, and you just can not seem to stop without your credit card or your bank account says no. Imagine the amount you spent for all those unnecessary things, and imagine what your money can do! Quit this unhealthy cycle by always asking "Do I need this?" Before you make a purchase

8. Have some rest
Sometimes, you think that the only way to make and work and work. On the opposite, not giving yourself a time to rest can make you stressed and send you to the hospital.

9. Catch up with the people
In modern times, catching up and bonding Enjoying your friends But, another way of catching up with your friends. Why not stay at home instead of living? In this way, you can
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