What is good for LGBT teenagers living in relationships?

Is it good to be in relationships for LGBT teenagers? A recent research shows that people living in a relationship are relatively more happy. So is it time to find your partner?
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Romance is good

Romantic relationships can be pleasant, there is no doubt in it. This is an experience in which you join another person, talk to him for hours and do something new with him every day. During this time, if you do kissing, foreplay and sex, then it is not necessary to mention here.

Girlfriends or boyfriends feel good, but it does not necessarily be good for you. Or something like that?

If you are an adolescent adult, then many research has shown that having your relationship improves your mental health. Being in a romantic relationship with someone, you feel less stressed and depressed. While there is very little research on relationships related to LGBT teenagers.

The phase of adolescence can be tough and you have to face it. This is especially true for teenagers who consider themselves lesbian, gay, or bisexual because they have to face fear and exploitation. It is not surprising that there is more risk for mental illness such as depression among people.

Perhaps that's why a group of American researchers felt it's time to search for things that could have a positive effect on the mental health of LGBT teenagers. Naturally, they thought that being in relationships can be such a thing that benefits because romantic partners can support you in many adverse situations like when someone threatens to threaten you.

On the other hand, the researchers argued that if homosexual relationships increase the risk of discrimination against the adolescent or members of their family do not accept such relations, then homosexual relations can also have adverse effects on adolescents.

Being in a relationship is beneficial

In order to find out which concept is true, American researchers researched the different racial backgrounds of the age group of 16-20 years of age and the teenagers who have sex with sexual minorities (Gay, Lesbian, Bai, and Trans). During five years of research, the questions were asked about their mental health by the adolescents and they were also asked if they were boyfriends or girlfriends.

Researchers found that instead of parents or friends, romantic relationships are more helpful in dealing with fear and exploitation for gay or lesbian teenagers. When they are in relationships, they feel 17% less stress than in relationships.

As the author Brian Mustansky said in a press release, "Your romantic partner can be the first person with whom you want to share your happiness or you should weep with his head on his shoulders when he is sad."

Binary paradox

But this concept is not right about bilingual. Surprisingly, it was found in this research that bilingual teenagers living in relationships are 19% more stress-free than teenagers who do not have relationships.

Why is this? Later studies have found that bilingual teenagers have to face problems that do not have to be straight or gay. For example, a bilingual woman told that if she is in a relationship with a man, then she is attracted to another woman, her male partner looks at her maternal death. Or can she ask him to thrush.

For bisexual men, it is difficult to tell a woman in relation with their sexuality because they can raise their finger on them that they are gay.
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