Your Bad Habits, Know Your Negative Habits

The brain is an important part of the body. Every person wants his brain to be fast and healthy and calm. If there is a brain then leave the worries of the body because the body will be good along with the mind. But nowadays people or unknowingly, people make such mistakes, due to which the brain starts to weaken. By doing this, it can be harmful to our body as well as to the mind, so let us know what mistakes are there which causes the brain to weaken.Image result for दिमाग को कमजोर करती है आपकी ये 3 गलत आदतें, जानिए

Nowadays, people are so busy that they do not get enough time to sleep and their sleep is not complete, which affects their mind. This causes a person's memory to become weak, so the person should get enough sleep. Sleep of about seven to eight hours is enough for every person.

Most people have been addicted to smoking, which harm their brain and also damage the brain. Smoking causes nerves of the brain to weaken, due to which the yadas and brains start to weaken.

Nowadays all people use this smartphone. Without a smartphone the person does not want to be a moment. The rays emitted from the smartphone using smart phones have a great effect on the brain. By which the ability to understand the mind is low.
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